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Matrimonial Management System

Matrimonial Management System SAB IT SERVICES provides Management system for matrimonal to organise an better user guidence . User will be able to search, update, add/remove, and edit their profiles from database. In addition, user cans also add/delete/change descriptions, upload images/photos

  • Create new users by just filling minimum fields
  • Add and manage unlimited users across multiple legal entities
  • Create and define type, gender, religion for each user
  • Assign apps to users as per requirement
  • User friendly: Matrimonial sites are very easy to use. Not only the youngsters, but the old peeps who usually stay away from technology can use the matrimonial sites easily. All they need to do is login into a matrimonial site and start searching for a match for their kids.
  • More privacy: You are not required to worry on privacy part, when it comes to matrimonial profiles. These websites use all privacy tools to safeguard your details with other. They use different tools to secure your profile. They never share any information without your permission. Besides, if you are sending any interest to other registered member they will safeguard that information too.
  • Endless choices: The best thing with these websites is that they offer you endless options. They will offer you endless profiles of other registered members meeting your partner search criteria. They will provide you numerous matrimonial profiles meeting your requirements.
  • Open platform: This is open platform. Anyone can register with these websites irrespective of their caste, community, religion or occupation. These websites invite registration of all members who are in marriageable age. So, don’t hesitate to register with any of these websites if you are looking for a perfect partner.
  • Customized services on request: To make your search journey easy and simple you can any time opt for paid personalized services. You can buy a personalized service which might offer you better search results, more refined matches and you can view contact details of other members. Besides, these websites also assign a service advisor/manager who manages your account and contact other registered members meeting your requirements on behalf of you.
  • Easily accessible: To access a matrimonial site, all you need is a good internet connection. You can access it on a laptop, desktop, tabs, phones etc. This ease of access and good services of the matrimonial sites have increased the usage of these sites. You can access the sites from the comforts of your house, office or any place where there is a internet connection.
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